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Wish to learn the bible at your own time. You came to the right place. Now, you can learn the bible through our online course at your own free time.

Free Bible Courses

Klang Church of Christ has set a goal to reach out as many souls in the country, hence we are giving out the online bible courses for FREE!


Learning the bible can be challenging, however we are here ready to correspond with our students on any questions you may have.

WHAT is the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC)? 

The BCC is a programme that aids students in studying the Bible. Each course consists of several lessons and each lesson will have materials and Bible references for you to read and understand pertaining to a particular topic. After reading and studying the material, there will be an assignment that you should be able to complete. Once you’ve answered the questions, it will be submitted to the assigned instructor who will review your answers and clarify any issues you may have. 

WHO can enrol in this BCC? 

These BCCs are designed for anyone who wants to study and know more about the Bible. It is available online so that anyone can have access to them. 

WHAT courses are offered? 

We offer a range of courses from Beginners to Advanced depending on your level of Bible knowledge. The variety of courses offered cater to different subject areas so that you can choose the course that covers the subject which you are most interested in learning more about. 

WHY study the Bible? 

  •   It contains the answers to many of the age old questions such as; 

      WHERE did we come from? 

      WHAT is our purpose here on this earth? 

      WHERE are we going? 

      HOW can we get there?

  •   To increase your knowledge about God and His plans for mankind.

  •   To strengthen your faith in God. 

  • As a Christian, the Bible is your guide on how to live a life which is pleasing to God.

WHY enrol in the Bible Correspondence Course? 

  • study in the convenience of your home

  • personal instructor assigned to you 

  • no hassle or deadlines 

  • no obligation

  • E-certificates awarded upon completion

-   Absolutely FREE of charge 

Beginner Courses

Intermediate Courses

Advance Courses





Online Bible Correspondence Course is an online education site which imparts biblical knowledge to all users worldwide.

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